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by Luca Cserhalmi

Having originally worked in business, Meli Biró became a self-taught artist after discovering her passion and unique talent for the arts. Meli's commitment and propensity for experimentation and research, along with her creativity, has guided her to promptly become an exceptional creator. Having a fresh, uninfluenced perception has led Meli to have a creative process which enabled her to create something new and unique within fine arts. The approach, in which Meli combines painting with digital graphic techniques, is entirely unique. Meli does not merely view her paintings as a medium, but also as her raw resource. Meli's innovative and exciting three-step process used to compose her works: painting, photography and graphic design, reveals her meticulous and precise artistic attitude. The complex and lengthy creative process of shifting between media results in works, which not only reflect her punctilious personality, but also her artistic playfulness used to express her intense artistic approach.

Meli's art opens up a new dimension in the spectrum of familiar perspectives, leading the viewer into the macro world and linking it indirectly to the universe of cells and chemical elements. Meli's paintings reflect amorphous, dynamic life that is undeniable in its non-figurative nature and yet, full of vitality. Just as the microscope transformed our perception of the natural world, Meli uses macro photography to focus on details of her monumental paintings to rework them into individual pieces of art. Thus creating a whole from the part which provides her with a starting point to display an infinite range of scattering, creating an "ocean-like" experience where we are given the feeling of an endless field of vision. As the horizon is not the end of the ocean the frames do not set endings for Meli's paintings. At the same time, this continuous flow not only makes the boundaries of the pictures futile, removing their specific framed function but also creating arbitrariness in the search for the natural character of coincidence. Meli's art pieces assume an endless space that would be impossible to reproduce in a picture, making arbitrary snipping the optimal solution. This does not imply a lack of composition, as it takes a conscious and well-considered creative process to achieve the desired effect, and artists are often hard put to avoid giving a contrived feel to their work.

The brilliant way that Meli merges the medium of painting with the opportunities offered by technology is a special feat. The expansion allows viewers to observe the unobservable which alter the concept of the organic whole. Creating the image that everything is in motion, everything is made of vibrations whilst leaving the viewer questioning whether the tiniest components of her work are still yet to be discovered. These continuous, melodic flows fill Meli's works with life. The way Meli's pictures are viewed is unusual. Expansion brings the viewer closer to the paint as well as the material. The character of the paint remains in motion due to the doubts surrounding the identity of the material and the digital editing distorting its plasma-like character. The fundamental nature of painting and the endless possibilities of graphic editing dominate the surface of the pictures, making each piece unique, not only in this respect but also in shape and colour.

The finished works radiate the emotions of the artist in an expressive manner and, once absorbed, of the viewer as well. Without the need for words, the colours and various patterns bring viewers into a space made up of impressions, suggestions and emotions in constant vibration, as though viewers are watching a fascinating dance. This strange, eventful sight, that is impossible to define, attracts the eye with a suggestive strength, offering viewers the opportunity to become purely engrossed for no set reason.


International Women Art Dubai 2018
Magyars Monaco 2018
Arte Padova 2018
Art Connects Women Dubai 2019
Lucca Art Fair 2019
Art Salzburg 2019
Ziggy Art Fair Budapest 2019
Art Paris 2019
Hybrid Garden Solo Show Budapest 2019


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