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We are now all living in times when global news both physically and emotionally burden us, even make us despair. An invisible being in the form of a virus has shaken up our way of life, our social and economic fabric, and sometimes reminds us of the worst scenes from unimaginable horror films. But we never imagined that such scenes might be part of our everyday lives.
Like many of us devastating emotions did not spare me either, but I decided not to stand idly by: I started a movement in which I invite all of you to participate. With a selection of my pictures I would like to support the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus COVID-19. I call my movement the Falcon of Hope.
Previously I worked for an international vaccine development company. I personally know the struggle of developing a vaccine, finding a cure and the race against time the researchers are dealing with. 
We already see that not only our health is at risk, but the economy and the labor market are also being hit by the crisis – something we have not seen since the first half of the 20th century. 

And that’s not all. What we are experiencing now is testing our consciousness, our sanity, the way we see the world, and for those who have it, their faith. From the dawn of the written history of mankind we have known that such epidemics and catastrophes are accompanied by insecurity, hopelessness and the mental trauma of individuals and societies as a whole. 

Personal stories, soul-touching music and paintings are the best tools for our mental survival. Without the plague Boccaccio would not have written Decameron. More and more historians claim that the Renaissance was born in response to the experience of the black death sweeping through Europe. During war we wait for the Dove of Peace - Picasso’s 1949 Dove symbolised humankind’s desire for peace. 

But now we need something different. We need courage and strength, exactly what a majestic bird conveys as an ancient symbol. Our soul needs perseverance and hope: this is how the ,,Falcon of Hope’’ was born. He is Horus who overcomes disease and threats, and the guarantor of a just world. 

Let it be a symbol of unity, this Falcon of Hope that has everything you need these days: the green colour of hope, the white colour of peace, the courage and speed of the hawk, but also the medical masks that symbolise our safety and respect for each other in these troubled times. 

Let’s take the Falcon of Hope to many corners of the world by sharing the movement, and support the fight against the coronavirus with a single download!  With my royalties from the sales of the Falcon of Hope collection I would like to support the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition to the Falcon of Hope art piece, the collection includes 34 of my previous fusion-art creations – fusion representations of oil painting, photography and digital revamping. I would like to add to the joint battle of 2020 by doing what an artist could during the rampage of the coronavirus. I decided to make the Falcon of Hope and the other 34 artworks of the collection available for download in full resolution for a fraction of the original price. My aim was to allow anyone to join this movement without the price of the artworks being an obstacle, while keeping the quality of my work the same, so they can be printed or used on electronic devices.

With this movement I also wish to bring the biotech industry closer to everyone, allowing deeper understanding of what’s happening around us and in the background. That is why I plan on sharing useful information regarding the process of vaccine development, new findings on COVID-19 and other interesting facts verified by professionals. Come back every week to learn something new, or to stay updated!

Together in small steps we can act against the coronavirus! I hope I can welcome you in our community as a supporter of the cause.
Let the Falcon of Hope be a reminder to us all that you must never give up and this pandemic will end someday! 

Hope and perseverance to all of us!
Meli Biró


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