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7 Reasons Why You Should Give Art As A Christmas Present

7 Reasons Why You Should Give Art As A Christmas Present
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 by Meli Biró //  

Already Christmas is coming around again, and the perennial problem of finding the right gift for friends and loved ones arises. Have you considered buying artwork as a Christmas gift? Art is far more than just a stocking-filler, and is a more affordable gift idea than you might think.

Here are 7 great reasons for gifting artwork this Christmas: 

Art is a Unique Idea
Art makes such a unique idea for a Christmas gift. Half the pleasure anyone gets from receiving a present is tearing off the gift-wrap and being surprised. Who expects a beautiful piece of art at Christmas? The colours, shapes and form jump out at the recipient as the gift-wrap falls to the floor and the box is opened. The mystery is solved. An artwork is so unexpected that the recipient's pleasure is magnified. And there's a relief that it isn't more of the usual festive clichés: chocolates, books or sweater. A well-chosen piece of art makes a thrilling and extraordinary gift idea.
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Art Improves Your Health
There’s a ton of evidence to suggest that art improves both your physical and mental health. Appreciating a great piece of art loses the observer in the moment. Not only does this reduce stress and anxiety, but it also improves physical health by helping the body to relax. 
Art has been shown to increase levels of serotonin, the chemical in the brain which elevates a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Visual artworks are often used to heal trauma victims. Losing yourself in a wonderful piece of art banishes negative feelings and promotes a more positive worldview. The right piece of art is a perfect subject for meditation.
Art Nourishes the Soul
Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, but you don't have to be religious to appreciate the spiritual nature of this festive time. Winter solstice occurs just a few days before Christmas day and has been adopted by pagans for their winter festival. It's a time to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and the energy of the Goddess Moon.
Whatever your philosophy, art nurtures your soul by helping you to meditate on that important otherness to daily life. Art allows us to dwell on the whys and wherefores of our existence and embrace our spirituality
Art is Eternal
Life might be like a box of chocolates, but art represents so much more. Art is eternal, and an artwork will not only last you a lifetime but your children's as well. Your art collection is your legacy, and in an age of throwaway consumerism an artwork continues to give pleasure year after year. An artwork is more than just an artefact. It's like an old friend you learn a little more about each time you engage with it. Great art forms a lifelong relationship with its owner and reminds you of the good times.
Art is Personal
Buying someone an artwork for Christmas shows you care about them. Not only that, if you choose the colours, form and style of art carefully the recipient will be impressed by how well you know them. 
Pay attention to their favourite colour schemes and see if you can marry these to the kind of person they are. For example, reds attract passionate people, while blues tend to symbolise traits like trust and loyalty and can have a calming effect. Greens relate to balance and harmony and browns to stability. 
Certain forms and styles of art suit some people more than others. Are they someone who enjoys abstract expressionist art, or are they the type to favour a more representational style? If you tailor your gift to the recipient's tastes and personality, it will seem more special to them when they open it.
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Art Enhances Decor
The right art gift should not only complement the person it's intended for, it should complement their living space too. This shouldn't create conflict because people tend to surround themselves with a home decor that fits their personal style. 
Giving art as a Christmas present offers you the opportunity not only to celebrate the person you care about but also their home. An artwork received for Christmas can enhance a living space, and subtly alter the lighting and focus of the room. Everyone loves receiving a gift that completes a room. Artwork fulfils this purpose admirably. 
Make sure you’re aware of the existing furnishings so your art gift doesn’t clash. Ask yourself if the artwork you choose fits in with the recipient’s style of decor and furnishings. Some prior knowledge is necessary. Is their living space filled with lots of open spaces, or is it busy? Is there enough wall space for the piece? Do they prefer their walls covered or left blank? Are they trying to convey a look of minimalism, opulence or rustic splendour? Do they prefer to decorate with pastel or vibrant colours? Answering these questions will help you make the right choice of gift.
Art is a Great Investment
One of the best reasons for gifting artwork at Christmas is that if you choose well it can become a great investment for the person you’re buying for. If you follow a new, up and coming artist and believe in their talent, you could be rewarded later when they hit the big time. Imagine being in on the beginning with Gerhard Richter. If you had invested in his early paintings, they would be worth many times more now than what you paid for them.
Even if you don’t find the new Rothko or Miro, art doesn’t lose its value from being pre-owned. Compare that with other popular Christmas gifts, like a kid’s bicycle or an I-phone.
And you don’t have to spend thousands of euros on an artwork to give for Christmas. There are many beautiful artworks available online or in art galleries for under €500. If the piece isn’t designed to be displayed with a frame, you can save yourself further expense.
There's no doubt that if you want to surprise and impress that special person in your life you should consider giving them artwork for Christmas.
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