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Meli Biró is an abstract artist with a mission to bring the limitless horizons of the universe into the world of those passionate about art. The essence of her creative process is to combine the techniques of painting, photography and digital graphics, creating fusion artworks with the help of her creative passion and demand for perfectionism.

Like a technological sorceress, Meli transforms paintings with her unique style creating a new niche in the world of abstract art. Colours, shapes and textures take on a new form, motion and vibration, offering a vista that expresses raw emotion and the pulse of nature. Meli's art offers the viewer a mythical world within a world, one with inexhaustible opportunities to explore.

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How Abstract Art Can Enhance Your Décor

How Abstract Art Can Enhance Your Décor
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Few people fully appreciate how abstract art can complement their home living space. If you want to impress visitors to your home, displaying the right piece of art will do the job like nothing else. There's no need to clutter up your walls with paintings, removing all the empty space. A judicious piece of art mounted here and there though will make your bare walls so much more interesting.

The Rise of Abstract Expressionism

The Rise of Abstract Expressionism
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The term Abstract Expressionism was first coined in 1919 in Der Sturm, a popular German art periodical. Today, most people connect it with the 1940s art movement that arose in the USA after the Second World War. Also known as the New York School, the movement boasted many famous artists, including Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Franz Kline.

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