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Art, you have never seen before…

After 3 years of preparation and creation here is my Fusion Art for you to download to print for your wall or to use it for your wallpaper on your computer. This three year of my life was full of bumps in the road to this time but through these artworks I can show you how I see the blockchain universe!

If you want to have a unique wallpaper or something you can hang in your Livingroom as a conversation starter you are in the right place. This is something you have never seen before it is called Fusion art by many art historians. 

The main idea starts form a physical oil painting and after the process it is a beautiful picture that started organic but becomes part digital art. It captivates your eyes like nothing else. These pictures represent parts of blockchain networks. This art form converts an abstract painting into an abstract digital art, so we usually just call it abstract^2.

If we wish to see the world under a microscope it begins to look like a new world or galaxy. Probably the best example for this are nerve cells or just looking at one molecule with protons neutrons and electrons working as a system. These pictures represent the same idea, but about blockchain networks. The best examples we can find in the pictures are in the Ethereum pictures where we can see the different side chains and plasma chains. These are must haves if you are a crypto or blockchain enthusiast. Have it on your wall or on your computer to find new portions of the image you have never noticed. 

I have been inspired to make this collection of digital art because I can see how much of the crypto/blockchain world behaves like a small galaxy. After some thought on this project my mind kicks into creative mode and ideas started to flow. Art is for everybody like blockchain I don’t want to centralize it that is why I want to share each piece with more than one person.

All these artworks are limited editions, there are 90 pieces of each to download and there will be another 100 as NFT after minting to be sold. You can search which collection is close to your heart. Are you into altcoins or you are interested in blockchain powered Enterprise solutions you can find an art piece about it here?

(this is not the whole collection - the artworks will be released continually)

At the Newly Listed page you
can find our monthly dops of new pictures, be sure to check them out!

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